IC KM on Research Ethics

KM Committee of International College

As a matter of fact that the University has required all faculty members, researchers, and graduate students to have their research project approved by the Research Ethics Committee before they can conduct their research project and this requirement has been applied starting from Semester 1 of Academic Year 2019 onward, this requirement has been new for all faculty members and graduate levels. In addition, the procedure of ethics approval was still unclear.

Furthermore, it is said that for any research projects which have been approved and/or the contract has been signed before December 21, 2561 (2018), i.e. the date that the regulation on Ethics Approval has been effective, their research projects do not need to be submitted for Research Ethics Approval. However, if the data collection of any of those projects have not been started yet, it is highly recommended for the Heads of the project to submit their projects for Ethics Approval. (This is also applicable for thesis/IS students.)

The Office of Academic Affairs and Research in cooperation with the Office or Research and Academic Service provided held the training on Research Ethics on Tuesday, October 15, 2562 (2019), 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. All Research Ethics Committee Members and Additional Members were required to attend the training. The IC Vice Dean was one of the additional members and she attended that training.

Later on, the International College set up the training for all faculty members and graduate students and sharing knowledge in research ethics was one of the issues covered in the training project.

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