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KM Committee of International College

There are six programs teaching at the International College of Payap University, i.e. three undergraduate programs including English Communication (EC), International Business Management (IBM), Hospitality Industry Management (HIM), and Information Technology (IT), as well as three graduate programs, i.e. Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). English as been used as the medium language for teaching in all programs. Since in some programs the foreign students are from different countries speaking their own mother tongues which are not English. For some cases, the instructors will need to know how to communicate with students in English in effective ways.

The KM Committee of International College had discussions on the possible topics for KM activity which can help the instructors, students, and other people who were interested in joining the activity. The decision on the KM topic was finally made, i.e. the topics “The Year China Changed: Experiences of a Linguistic Academic in Asia” and “The Emergence of English as the World’s Language: A Personal Story” by Professor Emeritus Tom Scovel, a linguist and TESOL specialist from San Francisco State University.

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