Online/Blended Teaching During Pandemic Period

KM Committee of International College

As many countries around the world, as part of the consequences of the COVID-19. IC instructors have been struggled with the teaching of coming semester. In fact, teaching around the world has been navigating education systems affected by the pandemic. However, teaching must be on the front line of COVID-19. IC has responded to the pandemic as we needed to start our teaching in the coming semester. With the development of technology, IC has worked on how to start the semester our best for both students who are in Chiang Mai (CM) and outside the country. Only online teaching cannot respond the expectation of two groups of students. Some of our students are in CM and need to come to class while some of them are still outside the country and need to start their semester on time. However,
online teaching is still in our focus. All IC instructors have faced significant challenge in adapting to online and in-class teaching which is called “Blended Teaching”. We have also attempted to remain an effective communication with students who are in classes. It can be said that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced is to transform our lesson into online/blended teaching version in a short period of time.

Offering the quality of teaching and learning to all students/learner inspires us to challenge to make the move.

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